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Online 247 Image galleries wre designed by a photographer for photographers. I put in every feature that I needed to display and sell my images online. I bought several systems before I decided to write my own online gallery system. Most systems were desktop based and you inserted the images and uploaded the images and code up on the web. This was OK for small galleries but with weddings and school formals the galleries became very cumbersome and slow to to load. By making the software server based ( ie up there on the web ) the speed improved tremendously. At the same time, the gallery was just as fast with 50 images or 2000 images. The only perceived disadvantage with this type of gallery is because it is server based, it needs to be properly installed up on the web on a server. So we combined the hosting of the images with the software and offered an online service to photographers and to anybody who wants to sell their products online.

How to make an online gallery and upload the images for your clients to view and purchase.

How to login and retrieve your online orders from the database

OnLine247 Image galleries Features List

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