Photo Order Forms - Every photographer with a web site should have an online Photo Order and Payment Form. While many photographers have their images available in galleries with shopping carts attached, most do not have a free standing photo order form. This type of form is mainly used by past clients who want to order and pay for extra copies. The form has a drop down wmnu for freight and can have pricing in drop down menus and allow pricing to be filled in. The most important part is that you can be paid online with the order of photographs. Orders can be placed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and finding onLine orders waiting for your business.

The sample form below is also used by many studios for their telephone and counter orders as this form comes with an online database that allows you to keep track of your orders from any computer anywhere in the world. I use use this form for all my photo orders, not just online orders. The database allows you to add notes ie - sent to the lab, ready, posted or picked up. Each order can be finalized from " active " to " complete " to " deleted " Log-In is 3 way - User Name, Password and Decryption Passphrase. Orders from onLine247 photo galleries and onLine247 payment forms can be automatically transmitted to the same database.

The form below is on my own photo web site, so please feel free to fill out a form. Make sure you put your email address in as the client. That way you will receive a copy of the order back into your email box to check out. Please say in the additional details box that it is somebody testing the form. That way I know to ignore the test order. P.S. We will not contact you, unless you ask us to. I wrote this form for myself and now many other photographers are asking for the same thing.

cheers, Steve and the Form Team at onLine247

OnLine Photo Order Form

Screenshots of Order forms and Database

OnLine Photo Order Form     Order Database Login      Database Order Listing

Database Logged In Screen      onLine Database Order      Full Screen Order Form





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