Ever wondered why hosting varies so much in price ?
The cost of hosting is in proportion to the number of techies employed around the clock in an onLine data center. It is a waste of time being hosted in a server center that employs 2 techies on night shift to look after 50,000 servers. The thing any business does not need is to be offline because there is a job ticket queue up to fix hardware faults.

All our sites are hosted in a high-speed Tier-1 Australian hosting Facility to provide optimal routing to any local, intra-Asia, as well as the rest of the Internet destinations. Clean, uninterruptible power backed by redundant feeds, generators, and UPS systems. The N+1 power provisioning system includes four 500kVA primary and two 500kVA secondary UPS systems, generators and onsite fuel storage to ensure continuous, uninterrupted service. The Network Operations Centre (NOC) proactively monitors the network status 7x24, fixing most problems ahead of time.

What all this translates to, is that we can host your web site and you the fastest possible access speeds and web sites that we aim to have online 100% of the time.
The most important part is that we are here for you, at the other end of the phone
or an email. Let us worry about the complicated side of the internet with managed hosting for you.

Managed Hosting costs are per Month and include GST.

$22 per month - 25mb of Web Space.

$44 per month - 250mb of Web Space.

$66 per month - 500mb of Web Space.

$88 per month - 800mb of Web Space.

$110 per month - 1Gb of Web Space.

$220 per month - 2Gb of Web Space.

$330 per month - 3Gb of Web Space.

$440 per month - 4Gb of Web Space.

$5.50 per month - host extra Domain Name