Seminar & Workshop Registration & Payment Forms -
Need people to register for a Seminar or Workshop and pay onLine. All registrations are automatically input into an onLine database so you have a complete record of your Seminar Registrations. This is great for Seminars run by Associations or Institutes as any one of the Committee can log-in and monitor and or process registrations from home or work. The Treasurer logs-in and processes the credit card data while the secretary prints out the who is coming list to arrange seating, catering and name badges etc. This is clearly the most efficient way to organize your Seminar or Workshop or Event.

Forms can be programmed to automatically send an onLine Tax Invoice by E-Mail. Save time and make the Internet work for you. Give us the details to your Seminar and we will write your online registration form, connect it to an onLine database. Yes we can make some of the fields as " Required " fields. Also we can capture and display on the form and transmit the IP Address of the person filling out the form.

Below are some Seminar Registration Forms written by onLine247.
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Hamilton Island Seminar Registration Form - ( very colourful with plenty of images )

Photoshop Masterclass Seminar Registration Form - ( this was a great workshop )

A New York Photographer's Workshop Registration Form - ( we write for any country )

A Brisbane Photographer's Seminar Registration Form - ( Wedding Photography )

UK Professional Photography Seminar Registration Form - ( in English Pounds )

Professional Photography Workshop Registration Form in Perth - ( Perth Australia )

Professional Photography Workshop Registration Form in Florence - ( Florence, Italy )

Professional Photography Workshop Registration Form in Paris - ( Paris France )

Professional Photography Workshop Registration Form in Boston - ( Boston, USA )

Plus we have designed and written hundreds more of forms.

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