One of our specialities is writing forms. All too often we see forms that are very plain and not inviting to the viewer who has to fill out a bland offering on the web. We like using images and colour to celebrate your products. OnLine247 designs from simple Contact forms to Seminar Registration and Payment forms to more complex Photo Order forms with Photo Galleries attached. See Sample Forms to the right of this text panel. If you don’t see exactly what do you want, we can design it especially for you. Tell us your requirements and we can give you a quote.

One of the more complex parts of payment forms is transmitting the money from your client to you. Normally this is done by a live gateway and the funds are cleared and deposited straight to your bank account. This is OK for larger companies but if you are a small trader this way can work out quite expensive once the payment companies and banks take their minimum monthly charges. There are two other ways around this and they are Secure Database Log-In and Pay Pal deposit.

Pay Pal operates just like a bank account and they take a percentage for their commission. This works great for small traders who do not have the facility of taking payments by credit card. Secure Database Log-In is ideal for those who have credit card facilities and simply use the database log-in to retrieve the credit card details once your client has placed the order. Notification is received by the merchant via email that your online database has a new ordere waiting for you.

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